Wall of Love

Hear the incredible success stories from LYB members who traveled the country to join Live Your Beauty at NYC Bridal Fashion Week.

“I began working with Live Your Beauty a little over a year ago and have completely changed my bridal collections and the way I structure my pricing. As a result, I increased my company’s annual profit to 9% from 3%; it’s made a BIG difference!As an LYB member, I had the incredible opportunity to join DM backstage at Bridal Fashion Week 2015 at Kleinfeld and work side-by-side with famous designers and stunning models from around the world.This year, I participated in the Beauty Impact Academy 2017 … and it was truly an unforgettable experience: I learned how to create 6 amazing hair trial styles in less than 30 minutes. I totally was blown away!Finally, I love the LYB community since it has allowed me to meet a boatload of amazing ladies! We talk, compare success stories, and learn from one! This is merely the beginning and this year, I can’t wait to open my second location in a luxury hotel!!!” ~ Alayne Curtiss

Live Your Beauty Academy members have a career and life-changing opportunity to join LYB for world-class location shoots around the globe. It’s a unique opportunity to be part of a successful team, network with industry leaders, gain massive social media and press exposure, and come away with a photo and video portfolio that would normally be nearly impossible to achieve on your own and cost a fortune.

Three LYB Academy members—Ava Belle, Samantha Agostino, and Angelica Maria—flew in from as far as Australia to be part of our team and work side-by-side with DM at the Casa Casurina (a.k.a. Versace Mansion).

Celebrity designer extraordinaire, Mark Zunino, invited Live Your Beauty to be the premier beauty artists for his collection at NYC Bridal Fashion Week.

“Joining Live Your Beauty was hands-down the single best decision I’ve made in my career! THANK YOU DM!! Today, I have built an amazing portfolio that I could not have imagined possible if it had not been for DM. Thanks to DM, I’ve learned what it takes to break into the luxury wedding business, how to create a professional contract that protects me, how to enhance my online presence so Google finds my website, how to negotiate with clients, and much more. I would have literally had to be in the bridal market for 20 years to learn all this … and now feel like I’m way ahead of most artists who have been in the business much longer than I have. This year I was a VIP at the Beauty Impact Academy … and my experience totally blew everything out the box!!!!!!! WOW!! It was a total over-the-top event that words simply cannot describe. The expert instructors came from around the globe to share their secrets and were just beyond amazing. I walked away with a fresh set of eyes as it relates to my beauty business success. Every penny spent on LYB has been worth it.” ~ Jay Rey

Join Live Your Beauty Academy as a VIP for a game and life-changing “portfolio-completion” hands-on skill and business workshop.

“I would like to give the warmest shout-out to David!!! I love their passion, humility, and generosity. The information is always fresh and presented in a way that I can actually understand and that is focused on beauty business success. Since taking my first LYB online webinar a little over a year ago, I’ve contracted bigger events, raised my rates by 25%-50%, booked amazing destinations all over the world, and connected with some of the industry’s most influential vendors. DM has been such incredible hands-on-mentors: they take time out of their busy schedules regularly to talk with me about my website, my business strategy and give me guidance about how I can grow as an artist. They truly care. I highly recommend Live Your Beauty to any beauty professional who is serious about their beauty business.” ~ Ava Belle

Exclusive opportunity for Live Your Beauty VIP members to work side-by-side with celebrity platform artist, Shuki Zikri

“I wish there were enough words in the English language to explain how much I enjoyed DM and the rest of the world-class beauty experts this weekend … as I literally learned how to structure my beauty business and take it to the next level. I’ve been home for 2 days since the 4-day live seminar and I’m beginning to connect with other Luxury Bridal Industry Professionals in my area who finally respect me because I now speak their language. I’m so grateful to you and for everything I learned. When I got my ticket, I hoped to learn anything that would help me. Now that I’m home, I realize that what I learned was truly priceless and I got much more than I ever expected.” ~ Cee Michelle

Live Your Beauty is invited to beauty schools around the world as expert guest instructors, such as here with the Paul Mitchell Schools

“I was feeling stuck and almost on the verge of giving up, and then I found LYB. They have reunited me with my passion and fire, and showed me I am more than good enough, that I just needed a different approach. David is just what I needed for my career when I needed it most.” ~ Ashley Elizabeth Dargham